Plotly Cheatsheet (graph_objects)


 Plotly allows you to draw graphs in a clean and intuitive way, but do you ever look up how to draw a graph?

 But do you ever have to look up how to draw a graph? I thought it would be nice to have a cheat sheet that says, "I can draw the graphs I use most often! If you'd like to know more about how to draw graphs, please check out my previous article on Plotly.

Plotly Cheatsheet

 I've been working on a series of articles about Plotly, and I've compiled some of the most popular articles and the most commonly used drawing methods into one piece! If you want, you can use it too!

English Version

 I've put together an article below that explains each item on the cheat sheet in detail!

Basic structure of Plotly

How to draw common graphs + How to add titles and axis labels

How to save a Plotly graph in html format

How to display multiple graphs in a row (subplot)

Scatter plot

Scatter (Line plot)

Pie chart

Sunburst chart

Violin + Box plot

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