What is Plotly Express? (Summary of graphs you can draw)


 There are two ways to import graphs in plotly: graph_objects and Express. For more information, see What is Plotly graph_object? (What's the difference from Express?). There is no essential difference, but graph_objects allows you to set up more details, while express, which calls graph_objects, does not allow you to set up some details, but allows you to draw a graph easily with a short code. The difference is that graph_objects is more configurable, while express, which calls it, is not.

Features of Plotly Express

1. easy access

  • Calling a graph is completed by simply importing px.
  • Demo dataset can be called with px.data
  • Color scales are already available in px.color
  • Additional editing is possible using update_layout and add_trace
How to write a common Plotly graph! (add_trace,update_layout)
In previous articles, I introduced how to use a simple visualization library called Plotly (Plotly makes graphs easier...

2. easy to overwrite

It is always possible to overwrite.
 Always overwritable and can use lists, dictionary types, pandas data frames, numpy arrays, GeoPandas GeoDataFrames.

3. animation

 By using the animation_frame and animation_group arguments, it is possible to generate animations instead of just drawing diagrams.

List of graphs you can draw

Basic Charts

  • Scatter Plot
  • Line plot
  • Area chart
  • Bar chart
  • Funnel chart
  • Gantt chart (timeline)

Graphs that represent percentages

  • Pie Chart
  • Sunburst Chart
  • Treemap Chart

One-dimensional distribution

  • Histogram
  • Box plots
  • Violin plots
  • Strip Chart

2D distribution

  • Density distribution (heatmap)
  • Contour map

Image display

  • imshow : Display image

3D Graphs

  • Scatter plots
  • Line Plot

Multidimensional graph

  • Scatter Plot
  • Parallel Coordinates Plot
  • Parallel Categories plot

Drawing on a map (Mapbox)

  • Plot a point (Scatte_mapbox)
  • Plot a line (line_mapbox)
  • Color by choropleth (choropleth_mapbox)
  • Plot by density (density_mapbox)

Outline Maps

  • plot (Scatter_geo)
  • line (line_geo)
  • choropleth

Polar Charts

  • plot (Scatter_polar)
  • line (Line_polar)
  • bar_polar

Ternary Charts

  • Scatter
  • Line
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